Fourth of July Playbook

Fire up the grill, bust out the sparklers, and start pinning red, white, and blue cocktails.

Of course, you cannot forget to plan your wardrobe.  No matter where you’re going this Fourth of July, I’ve got you covered (some more conservatively than others).

Hitting the Lake or the Beach:

You need:

Your bathing suit (obviously) – I’m someone who embraces theme dressing, so I’m probably going to be opting for something a little bit like this…

Subtle, isn’t it?

Classic cut-offs - Cut-offs are made for Fourth of July, especially if you’re spending it on the beach.

Billowy white oxford shirt – don’t overthink, especially if you’re going to be wearing a theme-y swimsuit.  I’d wear this loosely and half buttoned.  No need for hyper-timidity here.  Let them breathe.

Aviators – All-American sunglasses.  Of course, I favor Ray Bans above all others.  Guaranteed I’ll be sporting mine all day.

Hat – Depending on how hot it is (and how much you don’t want to sun-bleach out that pristine dye job), you may wanna go with a sporty baseball cap or a straw fedora, because you know…sun safety first.

Backyard Cookout with the Family:

I’ve got two options for this one, depending on your mood.

Option 1:

We’ve got a pretty basic (a.k.a. simple, understated, minimal…) ensemble going on here.  Grab a classic band tee (I went with this Bruce Springsteen shirt, because who doesn’t love The Boss, and because AMURICA) paired with a navy skater skirt, shades, and some basic lace-up sandals.  Oh, and I appear to be uselessly holding a hat, so that’s always a fun prop if you are so inclined.


I’m wearing: H&M Bruce Springsteen tshirt, H&M navy circle skirt, Michael Kors sunglasses.

Option 2:

For the more adventurous.  Pair these old-school-Ke$ha-when-she-still-had-the-$-in-her-name flag leggings with a simple top, because they’re loud enough on their own.  Throw on some white Converse, and you’re good to go.

DISCLAIMER: I would advise wearing a shirt that covers your butt.  I don’t care who you are – leggings never do the butt any favors.


Here I am playing with my fun hat toy again. During the fireworks, maybe I’ll throw it up in the air in a nod to post-graduation tradition.

I’m wearing: Flag leggings from a thrift store, Tibi black tank, white Converse All-Stars.

Outdoor Gathering/Party:

Grab that same band tee and pair it with a good pair of cropped trousers.  I’m still going for red, white, and blue here, so I went with navy (and yes, I may have been a little inspired by Cara Delevingne at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards).  Add a short wedge sandal, some Ray Ban aviators, and you’re good to go.


We have contact. Hat is on head. Repeat – hat is ON head.

I’m wearing: H&M Bruce Springsteen tshirt, Banana Republic crop trousers in navy, Franco Sarto wedge sandals, Ray Ban aviators.


Now that your wardrobe is taken care of, let’s talk tunes.  Everything worth dressing for deserves the perfect playlist, and I was kind enough to put one together for you.  Enjoy this mix while you’re lounging on a boat, grilling up some burgers and brats, or rushing to the hospital after shooting yourself with your lawn fireworks (come on, guys.  They go in the ground for a reason).

Shop the Look:

Urban Outfitters Flag Muscle tee

Banana Republic Sloan Fit Slim Ankle pant

Ray Ban gold aviators

Franco Sarto Kelsy wedge sandals

Tory Burch striped fedora (I’m obsessed)

American Apparel flag print leggings

H&M circle skirt

Zara lace-up sandals




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